Andy Skinner – City of Dreams Canvas

I love this Andy Skinner stamp and creating a cute little canvas makes a change!

I primed it first with Gesso and then did a couple of layers of the Matt Paint.

Once that has dried I added some Pixie Sparkles for the sky and for the sea before adding the stamped image. I had to do this in two parts as the one stamp wasn’t quite big enough but it was easy to join together to make it a larger skyline.

The City of Dreams sentiment was added through the stencil using Sparkle Texture Paste and allowed to dry overnight before adding a spray lacquer.

  • Andy Skinner Stamp – Cityscape Reflections CEASR053
  • Andy Skinner Stencil – City of Dreams CEASTEN016
  • Cosmic Shimmer – Pixie Sparkles – Frozen Pearl CSPSPHPEARL, Flirty Sky CSPSPFLIRT
  • Cosmic Shimmer – Intense Pigment Stain – Forest Green CSIPFOREST, Storm Grey CSIPSTORM, Bluebell CSIPBLUE
  • Cosmic Shimmer – Sparkle Texture Paste – Midnight CSPASTSPMID
  • Cosmic Shimmer – Andy Skinner – Matt Chalk Paint – Cool Mint CSASMPMINT, Vintage Rose CSASMCPROSE
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