Junk Journal July – Prompt 17 – Pause

Prompt 17, Pause. This got me really thinking! What could I do?!

Then I saw a quote which was the start of how this page came together. The quote is: ‘a photograph is the pause button of life’.

Junk Journal July - Prompt 17

How true is that! So I based the layouts around a photo. A simple photograph of a flower in my garden. During the spring and early summer we have so much colour in the garden. So I took loads of photos of the types of flowers growing so I could perhaps remember for next year. I am sure that many appeared this year that weren’t there last year. It’s such a lovely surprise! I also had loads of bulbs appear, where I had forgotten I had planted. I just love that.

Junk Journal July - Prompt 17

Again the pages were collaged. This page had a smaller one included too so that gave me two double spreads to work on. One of them was a pocket too so I had the addition of a tag to create with also. The right-hand main page also had a flap, so in all I had a lot of scope to create!

As I was basing it all around a flower in my garden, the whole theme was flowers. This particular flower was a rambling rose growing up a trellis. I collaged using some lovely decoupage paper which is tissue thin and perfect for collage. I had some lovely black die-cuts so added those too.

Junk Journal July - Prompt 17

The tag was decorated using some flowers from one of my Etsy digital sets.

Pause. To reflect and to enjoy…

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