A new Creative Journey…

I’ve had a bit of a break away from social media and blogging over this Summer. But I have been busy!

After many years of creating cards on design teams for various crafty companies, I decided it was time for a change.

I wanted to create something that used the many products I already have. We all have a lot, don’t we?!


After watching several (by several, I mean A LOT) of creative and arty videos, I happened upon Junk Journals and Art Journals. I have combined the two personally into what I think I am… a mixed media Art Journal Junkist!!

This is probably already a thing, I am sure. I know that Junk Journals weren’t completely what I wanted. But yet again an Art Journal wasn’t quite rocking it for me either. Somehow the combination of the two made complete sense. I have so much art and craft ‘stuff’ accumulated over so many years, and I absolutely wanted to use the copious amounts of scrapbooking paper I have. As well as the stamps, and ribbon, and flowers, and fabric, and….I could go on….crafters will know what I mean. But I also wanted to use all the paints and inks and pastes, and sprays, etc. that I have and be more random and exciting than a card would allow.

Well, I made my first journal and a new passion has been ignited. I love creating in journals. July was spent working on the Junk Journal July prompts, by @megsjournals and @getmessyartjournal. I became obsessed. I finally found an ideal way to use all my supplies and create something meaningful. Either for myself, or for those close to me. They will be getting little journals from me at some point whether they want one or not!

I have also carried on my love of design. I have designed many stamps and stencils and some paper for the craft industry over the past few years. To keep this passion alive (because I do love designing) I have designed A4 digital papers, which are available on ETSY. Yep, I have gone back to having a shop! (I had a brick and mortar plus an online craft shop for many years). You will also find some lovely craft supplies too – see link above.

Recently I have come across so many inspiring artists! Lots on Instagram, and each one seemed to ignite a further spark and flurry in my creative brain. Thank you to all those who I follow and who I get inspiration from. I would love you to see my arty junky journey. Thanks for reading this far, reach out to me…I am sure I am not alone in this new journey!

with love and faith

Caroline x

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