Oakwood – Cotton Reel Stars

How cute are these cotton reels!

I have had them for such a long time and was never sure what to do with them. I firstly made a mini banner for the Jubilee and the Union Jack, which you can see HERE. I thought a star one would be super cute for Christmas or actually for any occasion and as well as looking cute as is, they are perfect when unravelled to use on a celebration cake for example.

I used a small star die which is part of the Embellishment set. I die-cut it twenty times and then laid them across a piece of twine and glued. I laid another star on the other side so the stars look good both sides and applied a crystal to both sides also.

I added beads to either end and wrapped around the reel.

Die set available from Oakwood Direct! You can used stamps too and Oakwood have a wonderful stamp set which is fab to use too.

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